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    Our company is specialized in research and development, and production of intelligent mattresses, soft beds, slatted metal bed frames, focusing on high-end brands’ OEM / ODM for more than 20 years! Based on solid foundation and our professional services, as well as being equipped with talents, R&D and production capabilities, we have established a leading position in the industry. The company's philosophy is "professional development for a sustainable growing business" - to help customers resolve their challenges in production, technical and production capacity issues, and to establish a long-term good partnership!
    Our company owns two production plants of over 50,000 square meters, with advanced production equipment and production lines, almost 500 employees or 80% of the total workforce are of more than 5 years of experience . Our strength provides a confidence assurance to our customers. With your support, our company will continue to grow and the improvement will bring great benefits to a win-win partnership.
    For over 20 years, our main focus is on OEM due to our ability to meet the high quality standards of the luxury brands! Besides passing the ISO9001 quality management system certification, we have comprehensively implemented the production quality and safety control. This is further enhanced with our extensive design,manufacturing experience, technology leadership, refined production, and most importantly our operation efficiency. We are ,therefore, able to provide our customers with strong quality assurance!
    Our company’s strong team of technicians adopt a collaborative and partnership approach to work with our customers to meet their requirement. We welcome any form of feedback and we will try our very best to improve to meet your requirement.
    We are committed to the continuous improvement in all aspects of our products and production to meet our customers’ needs. In a way, we produce the desired products for our customers, to help ease their business needs and cost savings in operation and production.
           We welcome wholesalers, distributors and any form of collaborations in this industry across the world . We also look forward to any opportunities to jointly research and develop more and better products for our customers.

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